Mrs. Elizabeth Rowell

About the Teacher

     Hi!  My name is Elizabeth Rowell and I am excited to be your Spotlight teacher! This will be my third consecutive year at LCES. After graduating from the University of Memphis, I began teaching with Memphis City Schools where I taught for 10 years before moving to Shelby County Schools. I taught in the general education classroom for 5 years & earned my gifted certification the summer of 2003. I have taught in a gifted education classroom ever since and cannot imagine being anywhere else. 

     I began my career with Desoto County Schools in 2014. Each year I have traveled to multiple schools as a Spotlight teacher; I have never been at just one school. I am excited to say this is my first year at a school FULL TIME!  I can wear my Gator Green every single day this year! I can't think of a better place to be!

In Spotlight we explore thematic units developed to incorporate the state mandated gifted outcomes. Some of these include creativity, communication, research, thinking skills, leadership with group dynamics, social and emotional development, and visual/performing arts. We also learn about the engineering process, scientific process, advanced math concepts, and technology. There is always a lot of learning taking place in C3 and C5 disguised as fun!

I am looking forward to an AWESOME year in Spotlight! 

Have a fantastic summer!!
Join Remind PLEASE

We need everyone to join Remind.  It is the best way for us to get information to you quickly.  The directions are very simple:
Text: 81010
Here are the class specific codes you add to the message:  
2nd grade:@lcegifted0
3rd grade: @lcegifted1
4th grade: @giftedlce2
5th grade: @giftedlce3 Class Codes

2nd grade: STLIXR

3rd grade: SJFPTJ

4th grade: GXVHDR

5th grade: HLVXVC

Class Schedule

Students attend Spotlight from 8:30-3:00 on the following days:

Tuesday- 5th grade

Wednesday- 4th grade

Thursday- 3rd grade

Friday- 2nd grade

They will attend recess, lunch, activity, and any special events/field trips/class celebrations/etc. with their homeroom classes.


Wish List:

-Tape: packing, duct, masking, electrical

-Diffuser: for use with liquid essential oils

-White Out correction tape

-Glue sticks for glue gun

-two 2in binders with clear front

-Elmer's glue sticks

-Black sharpie markers

Resources for Home Use:

-       Our class code is wbe5424

-        Students have a class code, login and password. Please message me if they have forgotten it.

-    Students have a login and password. Please message me if they have forgotten it.

-    We do not log in when we play at school.

-     You will not need a log in or password to play.

-    This website has a wide variety of information for parents and students, as well as activities to do at home.

 -  This website is designed specifically for gifted students and the outcomes we teach in Spotlight.

 -Below are two documents designed by the DCS Gifted Department.  It is a lesson plan and reading selection to encourage critical thinking.  

Class Calendar