Mrs. Yvette Landis

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg

Welcome Parents: Just to let you know a little about me, I have been teaching in an early childhood setting for 29 years.  I have been at Lake Cormorant Elementary since 2008.  I have a B.S.E in early childhood that I received from Arkansas State University. I have two children. My son is a freshman at Mississippi State University and my daughter is a junior at Desoto Central High School. I love teaching Pre-k and believe that a quality early childhood program will give children the foundation necessary to excel in their academic career.

Recommendations for Daily Activities


CIRCLE TIME: Play to Learn Preschool  

This can be found on facebook. I follow her and have her permission to suggest to my parent to follow her also. She does a virtual circle time everyday with follow up activities that are developmentally appropriate.  I had the pleasure of meeting her when I attended the NAEYC conference and think she does an amazing job.


DAILY WRITING: free drawing and writing. Please continue to draw and write about your drawing. Send me pictures of your work, I love seeing what you do! 


STORY TIME: Storyline Online

This can be found on It has lots of great books read by celebrities.

I always recommend parents reading to their children also!!


EXERCISE: Move to Learn

 This can be found on

Go is another good site to use for exercise and entertainment. 



HELPFUL WEBSITES , Facebook pages and YouTube Channels




Red Ted Art

Pocket of Preschool

Living Montessori Now





super simple songs

homeschool pop

peekaboo kids

Jack Hartman 





send a text to: 81010

text: @yskit 

I will be checking in with you on remind often, please feel free to contact me with questions or just updates and pictures of the kids.  I miss them and love any and all contact I get from you and them. 

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