Mandy Faggard
4th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies

Welcome to the 4th Nine Weeks!

The finish line is in sight!  


Beginning March 25th, students will be assigned reading lessons on a new website (iready).  The link is below.  Each lesson varies in time it should take.  For instance, this week's lessons are both about 70 minutes.  Please don't try to sit there and finish the entire assignment in one sitting.  Break it up.   Assignments will have a due date one week from the assigned date to allow you to fit this into your home learning schedule. I will only be assigning a few lessons per week, however, if you want more, then Moby Max will be available. Many have had trouble using Moby Max, but those that are using the link on this page seem to be ok. EPIC is also available online so you can read daily even without books at home. Remember to read at least 20 minutes each day!!!

Please know that the first assignment in iReady is not scheduled to drop until the 25th. This means they can log in, but they will not see any assignments until the 25th. Login information is posted beside the link. Please contact me if you have difficulties. Thank you for you patience, as it is truly new to all of us! 

Please do not stress over these assignments!  If you have any problems at all with them, do not hesitate to text me using the number that I send messages to you! It looks like a group text, but I am the only one who can see it. I encourage you to spend quality time with family. Stay safe and make the best of our circumstances.

Username: First and last initial followed by lunch number

Password: Lunch number






Additional Websites                  Username: Ms. Fracc sent these to you.

                                                                      Password: Ms. Fracc sent these to you.                    Account ID:  deso3000

                                                                       Username: Lunch #

                                                                       Password: Lunch #                     Class Code for Faggard Homeroom:  jxd5232

                                                                    Class Code for Fracc Homeroom: xvko131

                                                                    Passcode: First 4 digits of lunch number