Kimberlyn Henry
2nd Grade
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Welcome 2nd Grade!

We are officially in the 4th 9 weeks of school! It is heading in a different direction than we could have ever imagined, but we can make this work! We are going to do our best to still continue making this an excellent year in 2nd grade! Explore my page for weekly newsletters and online resources you can access from home to continue learning. 

Weekly Newsletter 5/11/2020 - 5/15/2020

Remember to follow a schedule that works best for you and your family! One of the best benefits of learning from home is having a flexible schedule. We can do this! Please take a moment to complete this weeks parent check in!  


Distance Learning Information! Lessons are renewed on i-Ready weekly. Students will login to i-Ready with their username and password to complete these lessons. Students will use their first initial, last initial, and student ID number for their usernames and their student ID number for their password. 

i-Ready Website -

username example: kh123456

password example: 123456


i-Ready Family Guide Link

Lessons for the week

This week's lessons will include comprehension and math practice. Keep up the good work! 

I will continue to adjust lessons through the week as needed. Each lesson is 20 minutes long. If you need other resources, please explore the resources I have posted to the right of this newsletter under Online Resources.

I will be accessible anytime through the week, so message me anytime you need me. These lessons are to help your child stay fresh with their schooling and maintain a sense of normalcy. Do not stress, we can handle this! 

Online Resources 

I am posting resources here to help us during this nation wide pandemic. I have been posting on our class dojo story as well, so if you are not yet connected please accept the invites I resent so that we may all stay as informed as we can. I will also post updates through school status and here on my webpage. 


Classworks - students will use school ID numbers for both username/password.


Superkids Online 


Edutyping - students will use school ID numbers for both username/password.

Account ID: deso3000


Epic! - I sent invites to your emails to access epic.


Here is a link to various free resources:


Counselor Corner 

Library Resources