Ms. Jessica Malone
5th Grade ELA & Social Studies



I miss having all 57 of you squeezed into one room working together!! You are just the BEST group of students a teacher could ask for!!


Parents, if you are not a part of our Remind group, please text @5maloneela to 81010 to join.

Be sure to scroll through the entire website for needed information throughout the year.


I have been blessed to work at LCES for the thirteen years of its existence. What a wonderful community of educators, students, and parents we have.

I have learned as the P.E. teacher, a 2nd grade teacher, a 4th grade teacher, and now get to begin my continued learning as a 5th grade teacher. Yes, I am the teacher, but WE learn together each and everyday.

I gained my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from the University of Mississippi, and am a National Board Certified Teacher in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy. I cherish my time spent with students gathered eagerly awaiting the next move from our current character during class novel. My goal is to create a safe, loving, challenging learning environment for all in which my students build character in the ownership of their learning and future.
Distance Learning began March 25th. Continue scrolling to find assignment resources ...

Important News:

Parents and Students,

   On Wednesday, May 6, we had a pick-up day for personal items of students that were left at school. If you were unable to come that day, please contact me if you are trying to get their belongings.

This week's Zoom meeting will be our last. On Monday at 6:00, Ms. Motes-Davis and I will host a watch party for the middle school's 6th orientation video. This video should answer some questions about what to expect transitioning to middle school.

This Wednesday is our 5th grade drive-thru graduation. Decorate your car if you like and come get your graduation goodies with one final elementary goodbye!

There are two links below for parents. The first is sign-ups for beginner's band. If your child is the slightest bit interested in learning an instrument, now is the time to try it out! Also, the link for the orientation video is posted in case you are unable to attend our zoom meeting.

    Band Sign-ups

    LCMS virtual 6th grade Orientation

    Hello Wild Wolves Dream Pack!

    I am so proud of each of you! You have made it through the milestone of completing elementary school! I know you will do great things, and I can't wait to watch you accomplish your goals! Please come see Ms. Motes-Davis and me this Wednesday at your drive through graduation. I would love to see all of your smiling faces one more time this year!

    Distance Learning To-Do Wk 9
    iReady Lessons

    Student i-Ready Logins: To log in to i-Ready go to:

    Username: first initial, last initial, student ID (no leading 00) Ex:JM12345

    Password: student ID (no leading 00)

    You have two iReady lessons this week.

    You can access iReady on most phones...

    Android Users:

    1. Open internet and search iReady

    2. Click on the first link. You should now see a page that says your internet browser is not supported. DO NOT PANIC :)

    3. Locate the 3 dots at the top right of your screen. Click them.

    4. Go down the list and click Desktop Site.

    5. You should now be able to enter the username and password. Don't forget to select MS as your state.


    This week's writing is a part of your iReady lesson. Remember our rubric helper: I G.A.V.E. it my all.

    G- Grasp your reader with a hook

    A- use key words from the prompt to prove you Answer the question

    V- show your Voice by using figurative language

    E- offer Evidence with Explanations to justify your answer

    *If you are not able to access iReady, you can create a detailed journal entry about your time so far during social distancing. This will be a historical event you will want a record of to tell your children and grandchildren about one day.

    Independent Reading

    You all know IDR time is my second favorite time of the day (class novel always wins 1st:)). Be sure to get in as much time reading as you can each and every day! 45 minutes is preferred, but more is better!

    Steps to find your reading response prompt:

    1. Read your book: either hard copy or online book

    2. Click the Reading Response Board pdf under the Choice Boards according to your genre to choose your prompt

    3. Click the Response Sheet link to type your response. Be sure to detailed just like you are for RNB responses in class. I am reading these and want to know all about your book. :)

    Click here for Reading Response Choice Boards

    Please click the following link to submit your weekly Reading Responses!  

    Reading Choice Board Response Sheet

    Social Studies

    Feel free to use Brainpop if you wish to learn about historical events! They are offering free access right now, but even without a code, there is a daily free video!



    Check out the following links for several at-home practice websites...

    Try accessing iReady on your phone or tablet by using these steps:

    Remind text @maloneela to 81010 to join
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