Mrs. Jennifer Russell
Special Education

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg

I have been at Lake Cormorant Elementary over 12 years. I have taught special education in almost every grade. I currently teach fourth and first grades.


Class Schedule


This Week

5/4/20 This week is pick-up week! On May 6 you can come to school and pick up things your student left at school. Please check school's website for specific times and procedures. Let me know if you need help with i-Ready lessons. Continue working on flashcards.

4/27/20   Continue working in i-Ready. If you are working on the packets, general ed packets are available at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-12 if you did not get one last week. These packets should last the rest of the school year. Look for information regarding May 6th school pickup of things you have left at school. Continue reading and reviewing flashcards (4th- multiplication and 1st- addition/subtraction). Please let me know if you need anything. You can either respond to my texts I have sent or email me at: I miss all my students and hope you are doing well.


3/25/20 Welcome to distance learning! I understand that many parents may feel overwhelmed with the thought of distance learning for their child, especially if you working outside the home right now. Listed below are some things I hope your child can do independently. Please email me if I can help your child in any way. Your child's general education teachers will also assign work. Work through what you are able to do. 

An account is set up on IReady for each student. The lessons I assigned focus on your IEP goals. Website:  Username is the student's first and last initial followed by lunch number. Password is your lunch number.

For extra enrichment visit MobyMax ( Username and password is either: your first name (for both) or your first name followed by the first 3 numbers in your lunch number (for both).

If you do not have internet access or prefer paper worksheets I have a packet available for each student which has worksheets pertaining to IEP goals. General education packets are also available. You can get these when you pick up lunch at school. For my packet you must ask for it, they won't know to give it to you otherwise. It is labeled with student's name. I provided one worksheet per week pertaining to each subject that has an IEP goal.

For more enriching websites visit:

I am sending out text messages. You can respond to my message and only I will see it. Please let me know if you have not received a message from me in the last few days. I will contact parents soon to hold annual IEP meetings or to review programming on IEP's due to school closure.