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This week we will continue learning about the seasons.  We will be focusing on winter and spring.  We will read a lot of fiction and nonfiction books dealing with those two seasons.  We will be discussing nonfiction text features.  We will also be discussing story elements and asking questions when reading.  Make sure to ask your child who, what, when, where, why, and how questions when they are reading to you.  This will help improve comprehension.  We will have another cold read on Friday.  Please make sure to practice the cold read that is in the homework packet.

In math we will be focusing on skip counting 2s, 5s,10, and 100s to 1,000.  Please practice with them at home.  We will be having a test on Friday.


In phonics we will be working with the sounds ack and ick.  We will also be having a spelling test on Thursday.


In our writing workshop we will finish our friendship paper and then start a silly story.  We are also going to learn to write a friendly letter and focus on proper nouns. 


This week I am going to continue pulling groups for guided reading.  Please make sure your child reads the guided reading book sent home. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to call. 



Jennifer Bruce

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