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Our Behavior System

Our Behavior System  


    In order for our classroom to be a thriving learning environment I have specific behavior rules, consequences, and rewards in place for each of our super students. Student behavior is monitored by our behavior clip chart (see clip art on the right). I realize that all of my students are growing academically and behaviorally so I believe that they should have the chance to be rewarded for positive behavior. This is where the clip chart comes in. All students start off on GREEN or "Ready to Learn" each day. When a student chooses to break a class rule they have to "clip down" on the behavior chart. Their 1st offence is a warning, yellow. The 2nd offence, orange, means 15 mins off a preferred activity (recess, activity, or silent lunch). The 3rd and final offence, red, is parent contact. 

    If a student makes a good choice they are allowed to "clip up" on the clip chart. This is my way of rewarding students for positive behavior. Each time a student stays on green or above they earn SUPER DOLLARS. Students can spend their super dollars by buying reward coupons for different incentives within our class. 

    Student behavior is communicated to the parent through their daily homework folder. In the homework folder, there is a behavior log/calendar. The behavior calendar is where I note each student's behavior for the day. Any behavior infractions will be noted on the behavior calendar. If there is nothing written on the behavior log that means your student was on green or above that day. Please initial the log each night to indicate that you have seen it. Thank you!


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