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Katie Huling Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
5th Grade


I am extremely excited to be teaching 2nd grade for the first time this year.  Before this year, I taught 5th grade for 7 years. I truly hope to make a home in my room for the kids.  I am a mother of two, a 4-year old named Jax and a 2-year old named Mason. I am also married to my high school sweetheart and we have been married for as long as I've been teaching. 

I love my job, but I also stay very busy outside of my job with my family and events taking place outside of my job.  I enjoy my family time, just as you do, so please be understanding if you need to get ahold of me it may not be right away if it's not school hours.  I will get back to you within the next day.  I respond faster through email above all else. 

I can't wait for this year to get started and getting to know my kids and the amazing parents raising them. 


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