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4th Grade




Welcome to our class website!

My teaching adventure began in 2000 at Horn Lake Elementary where I taught 3rd grade for four years. In 2004, I moved to Pleasant Hill and continued teaching third grade for seven more years before moving down to first. And there, I fell in love!! First Graders are awesome!!  But after four years with Firsties, my girls and I moved to Lake Cormorant where I now teach 4th.
I live in Horn Lake with my two daughters. Ainslee is in the 4th grade this year and Bella is in 2nd grade.
If not spending time with my family, I’m usually working in my classroom! Teaching has always been my passion, and every year is just as exciting as the last. The following list highlights my teaching philosophy:
*Forming strong and trusting relationships with my students is always top priority.
*Every child deserves to and is capable of learning something new. I do my {best} to differentiate instruction whenever possible.
*I see myself as a facilitator in the classroom, giving much responsibility to the students in respect to behavior choices, learning to interact with one another and to work through problems/issues, and learning activities. I want my students to be capable for carrying out daily routines and caring for their classroom.
*Students must know that what we do in the classroom is relevant to real life. Growing as readers, writers, and mathematicians needs to happen in an authentic learning environment with authentic learning activities. I’m not just preparing my first graders to be successful second graders, but to be successful in life.
*In order to be successful, my students must learn to think. That may sound simple and/or obvious, but children have to be taught how to engage with reading, writing, math, and each other.
*Last – but by no means last – learning just simply has to be {FUN}!!!!!!!!
I look forward to getting to know my students and their families over the course of this school year.
~Betsy Copeland
Some of my favorite things...
Family:  I love my family!  My mom and two younger siblings (sister and brother) live in Desoto County.  I also have an older brother who lives with his wife in Arkansas.  I have two nephews: Asher and Max.  Max lives in Hernando and I love to tell stories about his shenanigans.  
Foods: Boomers' burgers!  Pepperoni pizza!  
Drinks: Coke!  Coke!  Coke!
Colors: I have a hard time choosing one color because I love them all!  
Eating places: Chilli's, Huey's, Lost Pizza, Boomers
Stores: Home Goods, TJMaxx, Stella Ivy, Janie Rose
Hobbies: I enjoy exercising with my besties at Jane's Gym.
Season: Fall
Motto: Do the right thing SIMPLY because it's the right thing to do!
Animals: Cats are my absolute favorite.  I had a cat named Dusty who recently passed at 15 years old.  The girls and I have a sweet dog named Romeo. Last school year, after reading a magazine article about koalas with my class, I developed a fascination with these adorable creatures!!!!  I want one!!!  My Firsties promised to give me one on my birthday, but they didn't come through.  Can you believe that?!?  :)
Class Pets: I love having pets in the classroom.  Over the last 14 years I've had the following as class pets: rabbit, fish, duck, guinea pigs, teddy bear hamsters, hermit crabs, and Emperor scorpions.  My absolute favorite was the bunny, BunBun.  He was so sweet and loved sitting on the kids feet while they worked in their desks.  My next favorite were the guinea pigs: Abe and JoJo (2012-2013 RIP) and Edward and Jangles (last school year)
Movie: Frozen, of course!
Book: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo
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